Let'r rip in 4 easy steps:

Choose your Scent

Customize the scent that wafts out of the jar. Choose from scents like 8 Hour Trucker, Hungover Frat Boy, World of Warcrafter and more.

Give em' a piece of your mind, write a note

Write a personalized note or send it anonymously. We will print it out on a heavy grade parchment paper and finish it with a bow. Fishing for the note while being engulfed in stink is half the laugh.

Seal the deal, this stink is for real

We'll seal up your stink jar and ship it out within 1-2 days so it has plenty of time to ferment and ripen. We even send you the tracking info and an email when it is delivered. This ensures you get to enjoy their reaction.

Fist Bump - You Win!

What's that smell? Oh, that's just the smell of victory as they breathe in the stink, read your custom message and save that memory for a lifetime.

Yep, that's it.

Now imagine the look on their face when they realize they just inhaled an invisible turd. And once they've breathed in the surprise stench, you're done. It's the perfect way to tell someone how you truly feel without ever having to say a word.

Send one now

Haven't you ever wished you could bottle your best Farts and save them to punish someone later. We have done this for you with Jart, Fart in a Jar.

Send the Perfect Smelly Little Present

This is the perfect way to say Happy Birthday, give someone a Secret Santa Gift or just have a good laugh at another's expense.

Don't wait for tomorrow to do what you can for a laugh today. Step in, order a Jart and let somebody know that they're smelling a fart—like it or not.

Perfect for:

  • Arrogant friends or father-in-laws.
  • Roommates, suite mates, cube mates, classmates, cell mates.
  • Ex-boyfriends, girlfriends, one-night stands.
  • Great way to say Happy Birthday or Aniversary.
  • Friends or enemies you haven't seen in a while.
  • Bachelor parties, wedding parties, pampered chef parties.
  • That person you're thinking about right now.

Young or Old, everyone can enjoy a good laugh, even at their own expense. Give them the laugh they deserve!

Sendajart.com is dedicated to providing the best gag gift you can get for your money. Forget about glitter bombs or other trendy joke gifts, we provide the laughs and entertainment everyone can appreciate. Your farts don't smell like roses and believe me when I tell you, neither do ours. Order a Jart for a friend or family member today and you will have something to laugh about together for years to come.

Testimonial #1

My fishing buddy thought it would be funny to put a worm in my sandwich when we were out in the boat, it nearly scared me into the water. When I got home I found sendajart.com and promptly sent him a steamy Jart to let him know two can play that game. This is one fish story my family doesn't mind hearing over and over.

- Jim B.

Testimonial #2

I sent one of these to my Dad for his 60th Birthday, we are still laughing about it. Who would have thought you could send a fart in a jar.

John P.

Testimonial #3

I hate confrontation with friends or family, but nothing says I love you even when I want to kill you like a fart in a jar.

Kasey L.

Testimonial #4

Need a quick gift but you don't know what to get somebody? Forget sending flowers or something lame, everybody loves the humor of a good fart and besides, it comes in a nice jar.

Alex D.

Skeptical? Don't be. Here's why:

1Is this real?
As close to real as a fart in a jar can get. Our clients love our product and we do everything to make sure our clients are happy with what we deliver!
2Where does the fart come?
Our secret method. Would you ask the colonel to divulge his secrets? Don't worry, it's not someone's real fart, it's not flammable and it's non-toxic.
3What comes in a jart?
A fart. Plus, a customized note that says whatever you want. Or leave it anonymous and keep 'em guessing for the ultimate win.
4What happens when they open the jar?
Peace is finally restored and all is right with the world again. Well, Kinda.
5How long does the smell last?
5-7 days depending on temperature and nostril flow.
6How bad does it stink?
It won't stink up an entire room but you sure as hell can smell it when you open the jar.
7Do you ship international?
Not yet, we are working on it. If you want details, send an email to [email protected]