Multi-Jart: Fantasy Football Edition

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Introducing our new Multi-Jart: Fantasy Football Edition. 

What's Multi-Jart? 

It means that this product is specifically for you to order more than one Jart at a time.  Buy 4 or more and you get FREE shipping and handling.

Why Fantasy Football Edition?

Because It's that time of year again when you join your friends in the great tradition of playing Fantasy Football.  And we couldn't think of a better way to kickoff the season than by creating a way for you to show as many owners as you can how much you care for them and their teams.

What's the fart smell?

In the spirit of the game, all Fantasy Football Jarts are Offensive Lineman scented.

How about my custom note to each owner?

Of course you'll be able to add a note with each Jart.  (We'll contact you after the order for what each note will say.)

IMPORTANT: After the order, we'll contact you for where each Jart will be sent, who it's for and what each Jart note will say.  It's a little bit of back and forth with us via email but it'll be easier than trying to enter everything during this order process.