The Love Puff

The Love Puff

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Ahhh - is that Love I smell?  True intimacy only comes when you feel free enough to fart in each other's presence.

Let them know how you feel with our special Jart - The Love Puff.

Jar made of 100% real glass. Fart made of 100% real odor. The recipient will only know it was from you if you leave a custom note or specify that you want your name on the note. The actual smell and strength of the smell varies. We try to make them as pungent as possible, but due to temperature, humidity and length of delivery, jarts will vary in intensity. 

Your Jart includes:

1 Mini-glass jar with snap-on lid
1 Customized note (on heavyweight parchment paper) with a bow of twine
1 Hearty, dutch-oveny fart smell
Glitter and Petals
Gift Wrapped (wrapping paper may vary - suffice it to say, it'll be suitably love-oriented)


The Love Puff is sent in a small brown box that only has our warehouse address as the return address.

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